Artist Statement


Lying at the intersection of language and landscape, my work is greatly influenced by the continued use and misuse of writing and language today. The human landscape that has been formed on the basis of our words is constantly shifting and searching for new meaning. Often forgotten is the land that lies beneath it, where our feet stand and our words break ground. 



My work is a comment on the ebb and flow of the expanding and exploding world of communication. Not only the fast-pased, touch screen-oriented world of technology, but the one-on-one conversations in coffee shops and street corners, on buses and in bedrooms, which are constantly being proded and poked, fixed and fried, as we lose connection to the meaning of our words all together. In these sequences, we hardly ever recognize the impact our words are having on the landscape surrounding us.


I seek to unravel the chaos of our language, the chaos on our tongues.